One of the main objective of Sárvár FUA’s Pilot Activity (ICT-based smartphone application) is to integrate all available transport modes in Sárvár FUA and provide multimodal travel information (location, timetable, price...) of the different transport modes in Sárvár FUA. This application contains information of the different means of sustainable transport modes ( such as train, bus, car-pooling facilities, bike renting stations..) in Sárvár FUA, their location,  prices and timetable, so passengers may be able to plan their journey in an easier way.  Besides, the available pedestrian and cycling routes, their length,  as well as different planned pedestrian and cycling tour offers in the whole FUA, will be also part of the application.

 With the help of this application,  our overarching goal is that more and more people (citizens, commuters of the FUA..) use sustainable transport modes in Sárvár FUA instead of their private car.

 The methodology of the application development and the appearing contents can be transferred to other cities and FUAs too, where MaaS (Mobility as a Service) scheme can be built.

 These are the benefits that SOLEZ will bring to travellers, commuters and turists living, working or visiting Sárvár (HU) functional urban area !

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