A follow-up training workshop after the study visit in Turin took place on 8th December 2017 in Brno. Representatives of KORDIS JMK presented presentation of good practice examples from Turin for the representatives of the South Moravian Region and other local stakeholders. 
The event was divided into two parts. 
The first part was dedicated to innovative projects which changed the mobility in the City of Turin in recent years. Besides the development of the metro line, the attention was paid to NOVELOG, project which is targeted at the freight transport in the city centre and the first part was concluded with the systems of bike sharing and mobile apps which can facilitate shared or individual mobility in the city (TOBike, URBI, WeTaxi). 
 The second was focused on peer review of the Action Plan for integration of low carbon policies in the mobility planning in Brno Functional Urban Area. Activities for short medium and long term strategy were introduced. There are three areas in which the Action plan is divided. It is a support for smart parking (P+R), a support for electro mobility (electric buses) and value-added services like bike sharing and car sharing. At the end, administrative support for the various areas was also mentioned.

Local training workshop Brno

Public Event Brno
Project leaflet and SOLEZ Colouring in