On November 15th,  in the framework of a conference on Industry 4.0  held in the prestigious University of Szombathely,  Pannon Business Network Association organized the last stakeholder meeting  for the elaboration of SOLEZ Action Plan for Sarvar FUA. 
Many key stakeholders from different areas, all relevant to SOLEZ topics, were involved in this 3rd meeting. Among them the Vice Mayor of Sárvár as well as representatives of the Vas County Authority. A representative from IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd  for the Development of Industry  took part in the meeting too, providing useful information about the available application opportunities while a representative from an IT company  shared his ideas and opinions about the would-be mobility ICT tool, that is going to be developed as a SOLEZ Value Added Service for the negative effects of Low Emission Zones in Sarvar FUA.