2nd Partner meeting

24-25 January 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The partner meeting in Ljubljana provided the framework to discuss the SubNodes strategy, which had been drafted by the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (Germany).  The partners agreed on the following:

Against the background of the challenge to adapt the regional transport system to the changed infrastructural conditions caused by the upgrade of the TEN-T infrastructure and thus to better connect it with the national and transnational network, the objective is to turn small and medium-sized cities into attractive intermodal transport hubs. The partners agree that the objective can only be achieved by establishing hierarchical transport networks within their regions. Intermodal subnodes could be understood as one element in such a hierarchical transport network approach – in this light, subnodes are defined as the access points to the long-distance transport infrastructure. Coordinated private transport, public transport and alternative transport services including the transfer options, in turn guarantee a connection to cities in each subnode's hinterland

Within the meeting, the partners worked out common and Central Europe wide applicable criteria to identify subnodes, indicators to delineate their catchment area and quality criteria for public transport within the hierarchical network.

The final work papers on the SubNodes strategy and the criteria to identify subnodes can be found in the publications section of our homepage.