Development and Networking of Green Spaces in the Tri-Border Region

MaGICLandscapes Regional Final Event

Bürgersaal im Rathaus, Markt 1, 02763 Zittau

In the last three years we have been dealing with green infrastructure in the tri-border region Germany-Czech Republic-Poland. In addition to the theoretical foundations and studies on the status quo of green infrastructure, we have mainly focused on the services of green infrastructure and their benefits for us humans. Based on this, a strategy for the promotion of green infrastructure in the trilateral region was developed together with a series of action plans.

The Regional Final Event in Zittau showed the results and tools developed in the project with particular reference to the strategy and action plans that have been developed together with local stakeholders in the course of the previous workshops. The participants discussed the use of the project outputs and tools for policy makers, planners and managers striving for an enhancement of green infrastructure in the tri-border region.