Managing Green Infrastructure in Central European Landscapes

The MaGICLandscapes project has now finished. During its implementation, the project achieved all of its objectives. It introduced to the green infrastructure concept and its benefits across five central European countries and in nine case study areas. Throughout the project partners worked together in close cooperation with local and regional stakeholders. This collaboration aided in the refinement of the tools and strategies developed during the project, ensuring they were both useful and usable.

This cooperation and the application of the tools developed in the project led to the production of nine Green Infrastructure Strategies and associated action plans in the nine case study areas. The flexibility of the tools which you can find here on this website are transferable outside of the project’s study areas, indeed they can be applied anywhere should you wish to develop your own green infrastructure strategy or perform an analysis of the green infrastructure resource in which you are interested. The wide variety of themes and priorities identified in the nine strategies further reinforces the transferability and flexibility of the tools.

All the outputs from the project are available to download from this website. Should you have any questions about the project, please use the contacts at the foot of the page.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the project, especially the stakeholders, without whom the project’s legacy would be limited. It is our sincerest hope that you can find some inspiration from the work that was carried out in MaGICLandscapes.


Case study areas

The Project In NUMBERS

People Trained

GI Strategies

6.9 Million Euros
Funding levered

GI assessment Tools



Transnational Framework of Green Infrastructure Assessment

  • Discover assessment needs in central Europe 
  • Transnational assessment of green infrastructure

Work Package 2

Green Infrastructure Functionality Assessment

  • Develop methods of assessing green infrastructure functionality and ecosystem services
  • Testing of methods in the nine case study areas 

Work package 3

Strategies for Intervention at European, Regional and Local Level

  • Develop local green infrastructure strategy/action plans
  • Training events in the use of the (planning) tools created for an improved green infrastructure



Project Duration

Start Date

 July 2017

End Date

October 2020