Metropolitan City of Turin


The Metropolitan City of Turin is a wide second level local authority which replaced the former Province of Turin from January 1st, 2015. The Metropolitan city still performs all the functions of the previous Province authority such as being responsible for adopting and updating the metropolitan territory Strategic Plan annually and organising the structure of the coordinated systems for the management of the public services.  

The Land, Transport and Civil Protection and the Environment Departments of the Metropolitan City of Turin undertake the various activities associated with the MaGICLandscapes Project themes and outputs. Reducing natural resource consumption is a key goal for these departments, including soil protection especially in transport and infrastructure planning.  

Other key activities performed by these departments are protection and enhancement of water and energy resource, enhancement of cultural heritage, transport planning, protection of flora and fauna, hunting and fishing management (inland waters), air and noise pollution and waste disposal (including waste water). The prevention of environmental disaster is also planned within these departments.

The Metropolitan City of Turin is involved in all work packages and provides the perspective fromanaging GI close to urban areas and how GI functionality assessment can inform policies and community actions. It reports on the assessment needs of Italy in relationship to existing national and regional policies and strategies on GI, specifically those of their case study areas in the Piedmont. The team in Turin carries out the functionality assessment of GI in the Po hills and Chieri case study area feeding the results of the testing into the development of the Manual of Green
Infrastructure Functionality Assessment. Together with local stakeholders and associated institutions the Metropolitan City of Turin develops a GI strategy and action plan and provides training for interested actors how to use the outputs for their daily work. This way they will transfer the outputs for implementation to their associated partners and external stakeholders to guide policy development and to support existing landscape and development policy.

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During MaGICLandscapes the Metropolitan City of Turin is cooperating with the following Associated Institutions:

Contact: Simonetta Alberico