Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening


Silva Tarouca Research Institute (VUKOZ) is a public research organization that concentrates on the research of biodiversity, bio-monitoring, processes in natural and cultural ecosystems and landscapes, impacts of human activities on landscape, biomass as a renewable source and plant cultivation. The headquarters is in Průhonice and its branch Departments of Forest Ecology and Landscape Ecology is in Brno. The researchers from the Department of Landscape Ecology focus on the long-term development of landscape, processes and functions in relation to driving forces, assessment of green infrastructure/ecological networks and ecosystem services and future development of mainly rural landscapes. 

VUKOZ will undertake the transnational remotes sensing assessment with other partners. Their main focus will be on the Kyjovkso region where they will together with regional stakeholders test functionality assessment and public benefit assessment tools in order to develop a green infrastructure strategy.

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During MaGICLandscapes the Silva Tarouca Research Institute is cooperating with the following Associated Institutions:

Contact: Dr. Hana Skokanová  
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