Kyjovsko, Czech Republic

Kyjovsko region is a diversified lowland region situated in the south-east part of the Czech Republic in South Moravia. Most of the area lies at an altitude of between 200m-300m with a few peaks over 400m. More than half of the region is intensively used, especially for agriculture with 61% of the area for this purpose only. This means there are some large continuous cultivated areas in which arable land is dominate, though to a lesser extent, vineyards or orchards can also be found. Forest areas are mainly concentrated in the northern and southern parts of the region and represent 29% of the area. The forests are mostly deciduous dominated by oak, but there are also many coniferous trees on sandy soil in the southern parts as well. From a nature conservation point of view, there are many small protected areas, several NATURA 2000 sites (from both bird and habitat directive) and two nature parks (significant from the perspective of landscape character) there as well.

Kyjovsko case study area

Kyjovsko case study area

Over the last two centuries, the region was known for lignite mining and at the beginning of the 20th century, extraction of oil and natural gas commenced. The volume of the extracted oil corresponds to only 1% of national consumption. However its quality is high and because of this, it was used primarily in pharmacy and cosmetics production in the past, though nowadays it is used mostly for fuel.
From a cultural point of view, the Kyjovsko region is well known for its traditional folklore, historical monuments and viticulture. Tourists also appreciate the extensive cycling network in the region.

Despite all the benefits that the region offers, the large continuous areas of arable land mentioned above an the lack of green infrastructure represent a considerable risk of soil erosion, reducing permeability of the landscape for living organisms, reducing biodiversity etc. That is why researchers from Silva Tarouca Research Institute have chosen this region as an area of interest. In cooperation with Department of Environment and Territorial Planning of Municipal Authority Kyjov, they would like to find ways to improve the current state and minimise risks.

Download Flyer of case study area Kyjovsko (in Czech)

Regional Workshops in the Kyjovsko region (in Czech)

Regional green infrastructure maps of Kyjovsko region

Green infrastructure functionality maps of Kyjovsko region

Green Infrastructure Strategy & Action Plan Kyjovsko

If you are interested in the pdf version of all maps of green infrastructure which are linked above feel free to contact Hana Skokanová from the Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening in Brno/Czech Republic.

Header photo: VÚKOZ/Hana Skokanová