Tree planting connects people and landscapes 

GI Benefit of the month #8: Green Infrastructure and well-being
Each month we introduce a particular benefit of green nfrastructure including examples from the project’s case study areas and across Central Europe.

The Czech non-profit initiative Sázíme stromy (English: We plant trees) addresses companies, communities and volunteers to plant trees where is a need for, e.g. in alleys, strips or orchards. People are so encouraged to commonly improve their natural environment.

The tree plantings are mainly funded by companies which decided to invest in GI and the environment. They spend money for plantings, take actively part or use trees as a present for business partners or employees. They often use planting events as an opportunity for teambuilding. Together with community representatives and land owners suitable planting locations are selected. After this, volunteers like employees of the funding companies, school children and local people support the planting actions.

Sázíme stromy has already planted trees in the MaGICLandscapes case study area Kyjovsko in South Moravia and contributed to GI enhancement there. 15 trees and 50 shrubs were planted by 30 volunteers around a pond in the community of Dubňany near Kyjov. The planting was financed by a private company which supports
activities against soil erosion and for biodiversity enhancement in agricultural landscapes. In addition, six birch trees are now greening the yard of the Dubňany elementary school.


Dubnany landscape
Dubnany rybnik planting
Dubnany tree watering
Dubnany trees school

Header photo: © Uschi Dreiucker/PIXELIO
Other photos: Sazíme stromy, z.ú.