Thayatal National Park

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The National Park Thayatal was founded 2000 for the protection of the unique valley landscape of the river Thaya at the border of Austria and the Czech Republic. It promotes the dynamic development of the regional habitats rich in fauna and flora. The Austrian part of the National Park covers 1,330 hectares. On the opposite side of the river Thaya the Czech National Park Podyjí (Thaya in Czech) is situated. It is 6,260 hectares. The Thaya is the common border of both National Parks with a river line of 25 km. 
The National Park administration is responsible for the nature conservation of the area. One task of the nature management is the change of forests with non-indigenous tree species into natural habitats. The earning from the sale of wood is used for scientific research and measures of nature management.

The National Park Thayatal takes part in Work Packages 2 and 3 and provides the perspective from Austrian National Parks and their specific information and assessment requirements. They carry out the functionality assessment of the local green infrastructure in the case study area Thayatal National Park, feeding the results of the testing into the development of the Manual of Green Infrastructure Functionality Assessment. The National Park administration uses the information gained to develop a strategy and action plan for its flagship species the European Wildcat and will transfer the outputs to other protected areas in Austria and allover Europe. 

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The Thayatal National Park Administration is cooperating with the following Associated Institutions:

Contact: David Freudl