7th June 2017

Project partner BRODOTO, of Interreg Central Europe project CROWD-FUND-PORT, is organizing a Crowdfunding Convention in Belgrade, Serbia.

 CFP project partner experts

  • Karsten Wenzlaff (CEO of ikosom, Secretary-General of the German Crowdfunding Association) &
  • Kristina Lauš (Project manager and crowdfunding expert at Brodoto)

will share crowdfunding experience at Belgrade crowdfunding convention about:

  • Crowdfunding in the European context and
  • Crowdfunding Academy Preview: 10 steps for a Successful Campaign


And a lot  more interesting stories in the event:

  • How did the regional crowdfunders reach global audiences?
  • How can SME’s profit using alternative crowdfunding models?
  • What is in crowdfunding for social enterprises?
  • How is crowdfunding changing traditional nonprofit fundraising?
  • Which are the hottest upcoming crowdfunding campaigns?

More information at: