Project CROWD-FUND-PORT implemented in the 2016-2019, was focused on improving skills and competences of all relevant  crowdfunding stakeholder groups to prepare them for taking advantage of the crowdfunding phenomena.   Since the beginning of the project, our partnership was aware that crowdfunding is a global phenomenon and that its use could bring important benefits to key project stakeholder groups (SMEs, crowdfunding platform operators, investors, citizens) in CE regions. In order to use all crowdfunding potentials, we needed to address three specific CE challenges: lack of skills and competences of stakeholders, disparities in development of financial markets between CE countries and lack of research about existing situation.

Mentioned challenges were approached with set-up of common CE crowdfunding learning space, preparation of common training materials based on good practices and practical experiences, preparation of different research analysis and guides for specific stakeholder groups. All these commonly developed outputs presented quality information and knowledge base for implementation of regional activities. Establishment and operation of national crowdfunding hubs enabled that in each partner country, a network of experts and institutions were identified and could be joined in a long-term cooperation, through implementation of local project activities.

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1. 7. 2016

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30. 6. 2019

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