Crowdfunding is Central

30. 6. 2019 - Interreg CE Area

After 3 years of very fruitful cooperation with different project stakeholders, with slogan "Crowdfunding is Central", we  wanted to communicate that crowdfunding is important innovation and business tool for entrepreneurs and other organizations in Central Europe regions. The use of crowdfunding and perceptions have changed and Central Europe regions are part of EU crowdfunding map today. Development of crowdfunding market in EU was rapid in last three years. New models and approaches of crowdfunding have been developed, extending to the public sector use, farming, accompanying new technologies, like security token offerings. In the framework of our project, we were tracking all these changes, involving experts in all kind of project activities and events to provide all these new information and knowledge to our key stakeholder groups (SMEs, investors, platform operators and policy makers).

Our key tools and support to participants of crowdfunding markets are: crowdfunding port portal (, where we published analysis, findings, practices for all relevant stakeholders, crowdfunding toolbox for SMEs that guides companies through process of preparation and implementation of crowdfunding campaign, we set-up strategies how to support crowdfunding in our regions after project closure in the framework of national crowdfunding hubs and we prepared national specific action plans to support further development of crowdfunding in our regions, in next years. All results are available also on this website.