Polish Crowdfunding Fair

22nd March 2019


22nd March 2019

The first Crowdfunding Fair in Poland will take place on March 22 on the management department of Gdańsk University in Sopot. During the Fair, participants will have a chance to learn what crowdfunding is and where to start preparing a new campaign and the possibility to see successful projects and their originators. How city dwellers can contribute to the creation of their immediate environment and learn new investment opportunities with small capital and the latest trends in crowdfunding, among others blockchain and ICO.

Speakers during the event:

  • Karol Król “Digital finance – new every day life”
  • Marcel Rowiński “Crowdfunding in real estate”
  • Sebastian Huczek “Crowdfunding – a modern way of investing and financing”


Attendance is free, but the capacity is limited. Please reserve your ticket online on Evenea