Polish SME Workshop  #2

13th February 2018


13th February 2018

We are launching a new cycle of "Start in crowdfunding" trainings. We will help you in preparation of your idea to enter the polish crowdfunding platforms!

To whom we direct these trainings: 

Start-ups,NGOs, Individuals.

Due to the fact that we are an Incubator of Entrepreneurship, we especially invite start-ups, teams and enterprising people.
Event schedule:

TOPIC of the lecture: Introduction to crowdfunding - basic level
1. Crowdfunding. What is it and where does it come from? History, curiosities.
2. Fundraising / crowdfunding / crowdsouring / sharing economy - these and other concepts that will be permanently hosted in your dictionary.
3. Polish and world statistics - where and when?
4. Why doing a campaign? (advantages and disadvantages)
5. Examples, inspirations.
6. Polish platforms - models available in Poland.
7. For whom crowdfunding is?
8. Summary.