NIOM - Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine

Who we are

NIOM - Instytut Medycyny Pracy im. prof. J. Nofera (Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine) in Lodz, Poland is a large, A class research institute (”A” category according to the assessment by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education). One of the leading scientific-research centers in the country that carries out research in the field of public and environmental health as well as broadly understood occupational medicine. Since 1975 the Institute has been WHO Collaborating Center in Occupational and Environmental Health. As a highly specialized scientific research unit dealing with the issues of, broadly understood, occupational health care as well as issues related to public and environmental health NIOM provides background research and expert opinions to the Ministry of Health. It is also an advisory body to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and numerous governmental agencies, including the State Sanitary Inspectorate and the State Labour Inspectorate as well as to local administration, trade unions and industry. It is an outstanding Polish center of innovative research with research outcomes directly exploitable by the companies, social end users and industry. 

What we do

The objective of NIOM’s activity is to provide the best possible practical systemic solutions that improve conditions of life and work. Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (NIOM) carries out a range of activities the aim of which is to prevent or alleviate the risks of occupational or environmental diseases. NIOM takes a leading role in postgraduate training of medical professionals, particularly of occupational medicine physicians . Also medical statements, legal issues as well as guidelines in the field of occupational health are developed at NIOM. The areas of research of NIOM include:

  • epidemiology of occupational and environmental diseases,
  • environmental and clinical toxicology,
  • toxicological biochemistry,
  • occupational medicine,
  • occupational pathology,
  • occupational and environmental health,
  • radiometry,
  • occupational psychology and sociology,
  • physiology of work and ergonomics,
  • organization and ecomomics of health care.



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The role of NIOM in InAirQ project

Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine will participate at the InAirQ project through the Department of Environmental Health Hazards and will perform the task related to the quality of indoor and outdoor air and the impact of air pollution on the human health. As knowledge providing partner, NIOM will lead the whole working package of "Transnational Baseline and Monitoring" and will be responsible for setting up and make the Virtual Health Repository available, providing the necessary national/regional/local health and environmental inputs to the Repository. In close co-operation with the NPHC and NIPH it will contribute to set joint methodology for national and comparative vulnerable assessments and SWOT analyses. In the Work Package !Action Plans and Capacity Building”, NIOM will co-ordinate the tasks of capacity building issues. Together the knowledge provider partners, NPHC, NIJZ and NIPH it will be responsible for compiling a joint training methodology for capacity building and curriculum and also its tailor to the regional requirements. Participation in the project will enable the continuation of this issues and the practical use of scientific knowledge.