SiTI - Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation

Who we are

SiTIIstituto Superiore sui Sistemi Territoriali per l’Innovazione (Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation) is a no profit association set up in 2002 between the Politecnico di Torino and the Compagnia di San Paolo, to carry out research and training oriented towards innovation and socio-economic growth.

What we do

SiTI has a strong interdisciplinary approach, specifically devoted to territorial systems. It aims at solving complex problems through an integration of the expertise available at the Politecnico, and by linking it with other high level research centres. Its activities are focused on the following sectors: 

  • Environmental Heritage and Urban Redevelopment. The research activities regard conservation, defence of the natural and cultural components of the environmental systems, urban planning and redevelopment, local development and tourism management. 
  • Logistics and Transport. This Research Unit has an extensive expertise in transport planning oriented to urban and land sustainable development. Development of simulation models and system analysis are the main activities carried out to study the transport systems – at different territorial scales – and provide plans, strategies and actions aimed at easing people’s mobility and rationalizing freight transport, meeting society’s environmental, social and economic needs whilst minimizing transport undesirable impacts.
  • Environmental Protection. This Unit has developed a distinctive know how in the field of energy governance, based upon an experimental approach combining technology and innovative business models. It carries out research on security and safety of critical infrastructures, with special focus on security assessment and cascading effects, and cultural heritage.



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The role of SiTI in InAirQ project

SiTI will stand for the Project Communication Manager and will be responsible for result-related communication. Together with the LP it will adopt the project communication strategy. SiTI will host the mid-term conference in Turin. Moreover, SiTI will be responsible for the elaboration of regional vulnerability assessment in close co-operation with the tWP leader NIOM. The Institute will contribute to the SWOT analysis, providing data from regional schools will be involved in the project as associated pilot partners and will be responsible for national inputs being fed in the Virtual Repository. SiTI will adopt the capacity building training curriculum and cooperate with School Foundation to organise the courses for the Italian target groups. As a result of the transnational co-operation new protocols and innovative methods will be elaborated to tackle health impacts of the poor indoor air quality in case of the most vulnerable young generation.