International scientific conferance 

8 - 10 November 2018 | Cracow | Jagiellonian University

 The topic of the conference are broadly understood issues of contemporary protection of historic ruins and historical conditions of these activities.

Four thematic sessions are planned within the conferance:

  1.  Ruins from the perspective of the history of art and culture
  2. Technical and conservation issues for the protection of ruins
  3. Development of historic ruins
  4. Management of historic ruins

The aim of the conference is to make a broad review of the problems related to the protection, conservation, use and management of historic ruins.
The key assumption of the conference is comprehensive discussing the contemporary principles and forms of maintaining historic ruins in the historical, theoretical and practical aspects. The conference also aims to present and critically analyse themost interesting examples of contemporary protection, management and use of historic ruins.
The  objective of the conference is gathering informationnabling the development of model solutions in the field of protection, management and use of historic ruins.

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