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Labour Market Integration

Country - Area/Region

Slovenia - Ljubljana

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Larger cities and towns


From 2012 on

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Institute for Global Learning with Voluntariat Institute as a partner organization.

Contents of the practice

Skuhna is a social enterprise that runs a restaurant providing authentic food from Africa, Asia and South America.  Skuhna’s goals are two-fold: to increase the employability of migrants through culinary work and to bridge the understanding gap between migrants and locals who live in Slovenia.Migrants  prepare food from their various countries of origin and there is an a potential customer base of people willing to taste it. Additionally, the migrants get an opportunity to tell their own stories, which is an important tool in intercultural education. Skuhna isn’t just about food, it is about the stories of the food, the people who prepare it, the countries it comes from, the pots that are used. It is all about the story. While empowering migrants, Skuhna is also about enlightening people to the realities of the other through food, migrant empowerment and global education.

Evaluation of the practice

The practice is considered highly relevant because it creates work opportunities for people who are difficult to employ due to limited knowledge of Slovene language etc. Besides that they also provide support and training at workplace which enables overall growth and improvement of migrants.

Currently, SKUHNA is the only migrant restaurant in Slovenia that combines food from all around the world in one place. People with different statuses have the opportunity to work there (asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented migrants, citizens).

Adaptability/Replicability to other contexts

The idea is simple and really complex at the same time. It is easy to adapt and replicate it in other contexts as there are always migrants who need to work, now how to cook, tell stories and cater. But burocracy and administration are really complex issues in EU context so it is difficult to be successful. Persistence over the years, clear focus, experiences, gathered by a variety of actors, constant improving of services, finding new markets, support network help a lot. 


Catering and attending the "Open kitchen" a food market in the open in different Slovenian cities. also E-food platform has increased Skuhnas food and message.

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