Workshop "RTO ready for upgrade" in Stuttgart, Germany

A regional RTO Workshop was organized by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum on 28th June 2018.

Workshops took place at Hospitalhof Stuttgart, with three different aims: 

1) Inform Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) about KETGATE and motivate them to become a follower RTO 
2) Learn more about the potentials and challenges of RTOs 
3) Feedback from the participants on the draft of the elaborated working mode and the services, the Smart KET Access Points should offer.

The workshop was attended by representatives from different, well-known Applied Research Organisations in the Region of Baden-Württemberg and Berlin, Germany, which are active on the KET-development.
During the workshop, the KETGATE project presentation, which was prepared by SEZ, in cooperation with Veneto Innovazione, was used to give the participants a general introduction to the project and to explain the working mode and services of the Smart KET Access Points in detail. Afterwards, there was an open discussion on the services, the working mode, challenges and potentials of follower RTO. It was a very constructive discussion, e.g.
with suggestions on how the service packages can be modified.