100 questions 100 answers about water

A new mobile application has been added to the market of educational games in field of sustainability. The City Water Circles online quiz is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Mobile App

By completing the 100 questions and answers in the online game, we can learn a lot about water: How long is rainless period in the Atacama Desert? How can we use properly the collected rainwater in the household? What are the advantages of sponge cities concept? Should animals drink greywater?

Mobile app 2

The developers recommend the app primarily children over 12 years and teenagers, but with the help of parents or teachers, younger children are also guaranteed a successful experience. Playing the quiz together is a pleasureful entertainment for the whole family.

Mobile app 3

The game, developed in frame of City Water Circles project, is available in 6 languages – Hungarian, English, Italian, Slovenian, Polish and Croatian – so it can also be used for practicing foreign languages.  

The project provides further educational materials, edutainment posters, the Online Handbook, Digital Learning Resources  and videos about urban water circles are still available for free on the project website.