Construction in Brezno, SK

The procurement procedure finished, and the contract is awarded to a building contractor, so the reconstruction of railway station “Brezno mesto” started

For 10 years, the Town of Brezno has been renting railway station Brezno building since the owner, Slovak Railways, doesn’t use the facilities. Local government wants to revitalize this building and its original functionality, not only for tourism purposes, but also for culture and leisure activities.

In the first phase, the Town of Brezno involved volunteers from the Municipal Youth Parliament. Young adults helped to clean up the area and throw away broken furniture. The Town Mayor, Mr. Tomáš Abel, already gave the keys from the Station to the company which won the contract.
Inner construction works are currently taking place. They will cover the removal of decayed wooden ceiling under the second-floor apartment, maintenance of the roof jacket and gutter cleaning and repair. All works should be completed by the end of August 2021.

In addition to the historical exposition in the inner part of the building, a lounge with a library and projections should be created within several months. New pavements, a terrace with pergola, a community garden, children playground and a bicycle stand will be added to beautify the exterior.

After construction works finish, Youth Parliament members will furnish the interior and help with the display of historical artefacts.