Remembering old times

Tourism and railways go hand in hand. Railways can be outdated and interesting and we are testing how to do that in Czech Republic.

Three brand new draisines (a pedal-powered rail-cycle vehicle) co-designed in the frame of the YOUMOBIL activities were officially presented to stakeholders for the first time on June 23rd 2021 in Ratíškovice, Czech Republic. They are expected to be the part of the KORDIS pilot action related to the refurbishment of a railway station in Hevlín and reuse of the track for tourist purposes.

Few days later, on June 27th 2021, the draisines were tested by the wide public during the „Transport Nostalgia Days“ in Brno, along with a steam train. The event attracted a lot of visitors and the draisines were very popular.

Kordis 1
Kordis 2
Kordis 3
Kordis 4
Kordis 5
Kordis 6
Kordis 7
Kordis 8
Kordis 9