1st RAINMAN practitioner workshop


During the second “STRIMA II - flood risk management forum” in Dresden from 11th and 12th of September 2018, the first RAINMAN practitioner workshop will take place: The Workshop wants to discuss approaches for the documentation and mapping of heavy rain hazards and risks on the local level. For this, municipalities and further local stakeholders from Saxony are welcome to participate on 11th of September 2018 from 15:30 (directly after the flood risk management forum which is also targeted towards municipalities). 

Although translation from/to German and Czech language is provided for the Forum, the practitioner Workshop will only be held in German.

Download Event Flyer here.

More information about the “STRIMA II - flood risk management forum” and the RAINMAN practitioner Workshop can be found here: www.strima.sachsen.de

Registration via: www.lsnq.de/StrimaHochwasserforum

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