Discussing water supply problems in Split

The first local Stakeholder Group meeting in FUA SPLIT was held on November 6, 2019, in premisses of hotel Atrium. The lead organizer was Pi RERA S.D. in cooperation with Vodovod i kanalizacija d.o.o.  – Split.

The aim of the meeting was to make an introduction towards stakeholders about the CWC project's objectives and main actions, with focus at the local FUA level, Stakeholder Group and Stakeholder Advisory Panel composition and roles/tasks, roadmap and co-working methods, the local Staus Quo assessment and the public perception survey.

The main topics during the meeting that implied discussion among participants were: Leaks in the water pipes, 58% of the water from the aqueducts gets lost, all participants have agreed that is a huge percent; Lack of innovations in the water management system as a big problem in the Split FUA area.

The first SGM was attended by 34 persons, 28 stakeholders and 6 representatives of project partners. The present stakeholders were consisted as follows: Local public authority - 4 stakeholders, Regional public authority - 1 stakeholder, Sectoral agency - 2 stakeholders, Infrastructure and (public) service providers -  3 stakeholders, Interest groups including NGOs - 4 stakeholders, Higher education and research - 3 stakeholders, General public - 3 stakeholders, SMEs - 2 stakeholders.

Also, the Stakeholder Advisory Panel was formed and it consists of following members: Local Public Authority – 1 member, Sectoral Agency – 1 member, Infrastructure and public service provider – 1 member, Interest groups including NGOs – 2 members.

Stakeholder meeting in Split

After the presentations and lectures, stakeholders were actively involved in the discussion with questions, comments and suggestions. Representatives of all stakeholder groups were interested in problems in the water sector and understand that society must commit to solving problems, maximizing the reuse of water resources, with the emphasis that change is triggered by individuals.