1st Stakeholder Meeting in Turin

1st Stakeholder Meeting in Turin 

The first FUA Level Stakeholder Group Meeting in Turin was held on November 25th, 2019.

The location was Open 011 - Casa della Mobilità Giovanile e dell’Intercultura, the building where the pilot green roof will be installed.

Gathering in Turin

The meeting introduced the Stakeholders to the CWC main goals and topics. The group, 33 people, was quite diverse and rich, including representatives from public service provider, local public authority, sectoral agency, regional public authority, interest groups including NGOs, higher education and research, public, SMEs and large enterprises.

The participants showed interest and specific knowledge in the topics and committed to collaborate in the CWC project. 

FCA automobiles (large enterprise) attended the meeting and presented its actual water reuse case studies in three production sites: a Phytoremediation plant associated with recovery in Verrone, a biological lake that allows rainwater to be recovered in Cassino and the rainwater harvesting in Grugliasco.

The potential of gamification for a proper engagement of citizens in water reuse habits was proposed by Mercato Circolare, an innovative startup with social vocation.