Railway infrastructure revitalization course

Our Online course took place in April/May 2021, covering the topic “Reinvention of unused railway infrastructure”. Check out presentations and final revitalization posters done by the students.

Online course was originally supposed to be a Summer school, taking place in the summer of 2020. But, due to the pandemic outbreak, it took place in April/May 2021. The topic was “Reinvention of unused railway infrastructure”

The general part lasted two days (3 hours/day), presenting the project, topic, revitalization examples and project partner sites. The third day was reserved for the students attending the course, explaining the expectations and applications needed for their work. The students were expected to work in groups or individually, and to produce ideas on how to revitalize project partner sites. 

If you are interested, we published all the presentations and students’ final works in the “Promotion of young people’s initiatives to reinvent public transport access points” folder, in our website “Results” section. Check it out!