Artwork in train

To revitalize an old electromotor train in Croatia, students from the School of Applied Arts and Design made visuals that covered the train interior.

Since YOUMOBIL project primarily addresses the mobility of young people in rural areas and the use of public transport as a sustainable form of transport, as part of the project, public railway transport operator in Croatia (HŽPP) introduced night trains on Fridays and Saturdays from July 11th, 2020 to July 11th, 2021 on line Zagreb – Dugo Selo - Zagreb. The trains were intended for young people from suburban areas east of Zagreb who stay in the capital until later hours due to work, entertainment or culture.

Despite the pandemic, the trains were well received, and project activities continued by decorating the interior of the 6111 series electric train. In respect to ideas gathered during workshops with young people, students from Graphic and Painting departments of High-School for Applied Arts and Design, under the guidance of their mentors, created works of arts:
Emma Lorena Alapić, Ema Pešice (Prof. Andro Grdinić)
Leonardo Bartulac, Doroteja Korinčić, Tonka Lepen, Leonarda Matijević, Jana Pahel (Prof. Monika Meglić)
Sara Brlić, Maša Međurečan, Klaudia Milić, Petar Mitrović, Jura Momčilović, Lucija Sabolić, Majda Vukalović (Prof. Vinka Mortigjija Anušić)
Ida Blažinović, Ana Pogačić, Hana Pour, Maja Štefanko Jarčević, Virna Vrdoljak (Prof. Duje Šuvar)

Accompanied by the principal, Prof. Filip Pintarić and the mentors, the students toured the train before it was put into operation.
YOUMOBIL project is encouraging cooperation between young people and the public sector, giving them freedom of expression, inviting young people to ride the train and it created an art exhibition on the train that will last past the project lifetime.