2nd Transnational Exchange Meeting

18-19 April 2018 | Budapest (Hungary)

The latest reunion of NewPilgrimAge project took place at the second Transnational Exchange Meeting, which was organized by Mindspace on 18-19 of April, in Budapest, Hungary. We came together to refresh our mind and partnership, and with currently gained skills and knowledge to settle in the tasks ahead that aim to reinterpret the St. Martin related shared values in sync with ideas of local communities.

So far NewPilgrimAge project was more about selecting core change drivers and holding a few stakeholder meetings to get the word out about the project goals and its probable processes. Now that partners have prepared their local visions and selected cultural heritage valorisation fields, time has come to unfold and get more locals engaged. In a matter of few months partners together with local stakeholders will develop roadmaps to define the next strategic steps. Also, to empower local communities and to awake creative energies, partners will launch idea contests that will directly give opportunity to citizens to submit initiatives to define new ways of reviving St. Martin’s cultural heritage.

During these 2 days UNESCO’s approach was emphasised based on which communities play an important role in identification, inventorying, safeguarding, maintenance, promotion and transmission of intangible cultural heritage. Partners discussed the possibility of the inscription of St. Martin's heritage on UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

With training sessions and field trips partners received hands-on knowledge and experience on how local communities can be mobilized and engaged. Various topics were covered, such as motivation factors, pyramid of engagement, role of facilitation and different techniques and methods for leading community to make joint decisions and actions.

Partners visited the Inner City Main Parish Church, which with conscious engagement intentions significantly increased the members of their community, in the last 2 years, since its reopening. They went by the “open gates and open hearts” slogan, and welcomed various cultural programs and discussions, which was quite innovative and proved to be right.

Partners continued on an alternative tour to the Rákóczi Square and Market, where Rákóczi Cartel was kicked off, in the name of cultural-based urban neighbourhood revitalization. With the incubation of Mindspace a number of creative small businesses occupied the long-abandoned premises around the market that will develop cultural programs that stimulates, sensitizes and celebrates the diverse local community.

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NewPilgrimAge project partners will meet again this fall in Albenga, Italy.