3Lynx project presented at Communication workshop in Ljubljana

16. 4. 2018

From 16th to 18th April 2018, two LIFE projects – LIFE Lynx and LIFE DINALP BEAR organized a workshop about communication in large carnivore conservation and management. Experts from Europe, Canada and USA shared their experience in collaboration with stakeholders and discussed key challenges and opportunities for communication with main target groups. Learning from experiences of others and sharing our experiences is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness or our activities as well as for ensuring the transferability and enabling the replicability of best practices. Elisa Belotti from SUNAP presented Interreg Central Europe project 3Lynx. She stressed that communication work started before this project and that the cooperation between countries is very good. Involving stakeholders in the monitoring is one of the best ways to communicate large carnivores to them, as they are directly involved in the process. 3Lynx project will involve stakeholders in the process of camera trapping, which will help build trust among stakeholders and project partners. Working together, gathering data and analysing it will help understand the stakeholder about lynx in this area. The project will also work with other stakeholders, lynx rooms will be presented in some local hotels and restaurants to inform locals and tourists about the lynx.