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International Lynx Day 2018

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Within International Lynx Day we want to raise awareness of a fascinating species that lives in our forests but is very rarely seen. 2018 was the first year to celebrate this day. Fifteen different activities from project partners took place in the heart of Europe on the 11th of June. Hundreds of people participated in diverse on-line and off-line activities. 

Map International Lynx Day 2018

Activities map International Lynx Day 2018

Lynx migrate over long distances and need connected forests to survive. Many lynx cross national borders regularly and the home range of the different populations often includes different countries. This is why a European approach is necessary: on the scientific level as well as on the political floor and in public. One of the biggest threats to the cats besides cars and trains is illegal killings. 

Discussion on premiere of the documentary film Risova pot

Discussion on premiere of the documentary film Risova pot

Lynx day is meant to create acceptance on a bigger scale - acceptance by citizens, hunters, foresters, landowners, livestock owners, and local communities living close to lynx populations. Project 3Lynx is actively trying to induce discussion and understanding between stakeholders in each country and across borders to establish stable lynx populations.

3Lynx presentation in Ceske Budejovice

3Lynx presentation in Ceske Budejovice

Lectures about lynx, its conservation, and presentation of the 3Lynx project took place during International Lynx Day 2018. Our team organized eight public presentations and events where lynx biology and ecology were shown to interested people. Discussion was an integral part of every presentation and there was even a small workshop in few cases.

Plaster prints of lynx track

We visited three schools and showed the life of the lynx to the pupils in the form of a game. Children listened to a lecture about lynx, they took knowledge tests, they prepared plaster prints of mammal tracks, they were painted as lynxes, they wrote stories about lynx, and joined in other activities.

Lynx drawings

A new lynx room was opened in Tarvisio in Italy. Premiere of a documentary film about lynx reintroduction in the Northern Dinaric Mountains - Path of the Lynx was hold in Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Premiere of the documentary film Risova pot

Premiere of the documentary film Risova pot

Alka Wildlife in cooperation with Sumava National Park Administration, Bavarian environmental agency, and Green Heart of Europe created a short video showing the best shots taken by camera traps. You can see it here:

Sumava National Park Administration and WWF Germany made an online quiz on Facebook. Each lynx has a unique spot pattern on its fur and respondents tried to find out how to recognize six animals. It is hard, but manageable.

Recording from presentation and discussion in Praha:

Now, you can look forward to new events on 11th of June 2019! Stay tuned.