Human-nature interactions conference

From November 26th -27th Interreg project ALPBIONET 2030 organized an international conference »Human-Nature interactions and conflict management in mountain environment« in Bolzano. Experts from around Europe and USA gathered to discuss how we can overcome barriers in dialogue and mutual understanding to promote biodiversity conservation, regional development and ecological connectivity. 4 different aspects of human nature interactions were presented; predation, animal-vehicle collisions, stakeholder engagement and sport activities. 3Lynx project participated with a poster titled “Hunter involvement in lynx conservation in Slovenia”. Information from two major lynx projects LIFE Lynx and 3Lynx were presented.

poster 3Lynx

3Lynx poster: Hunter involvement in lynx conservation in Slovenia.

ALPBIONET 2030 conference

Participants at Bolzano ALPBIONET 2030 the conference