3rd STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING - Dubrovnik Neretva Region, Croatia

ENTER-transfer project representatives from the five EU countries met during the 18th - 22nd of June 2018 in Dubrovnik Neretva Region, Croatia, at the 3rd STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING.

The program was officially launched, and guests were welcomed by the lead partner project coordinator prof. Peter Markovič, Dean of Faculty of Business Management, University of Economics in Bratislava together with Mrs. Melanija Milic, Director of DUNEA (Regional Development Agency of Dubrovnik-Neretva County).

During the project meeting, the topics for the next project period were discussed. Presentations and reporting of the activities of individual project partners so far, as well as the status of certification of expenditures, presenting the reports of national inspectors. The Lead partner of the project presented the current state of implementation of the project as well as the schedule of activities for the next semester. Followed questions, answers, and discussions.

Part of the working week were individual focus groups, their content was aimed at the individual partial goals that the project integrates: Pilot testing of the business succession model in each partner region, the creation of a Matchmaking tool or a platform for sharing and spreading ownership transfer issues, the state of preparedness of regional strategies and toolbox.