4STEPS presentation on CHAIN REACTIONS webinar

In the framework of a webinar (23rd July) hosted by the CHAIN REACTIONS project, the current activities and already achieved results of 4STEPS were also introduced.  CHAIN REACTIONS is also a Central Europe project in the innovation and knowledge development priority, and it is led by Pannon Business Network who was also leading the first technical work package in 4STEPS project as well. There is a strong synergy between the two projects, since both of them are dealing with Industry 4.0 and maturity level topics. 

A tangible cooperation between the two projects was held on 23rd July, since the representative of 4STEPS, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg, namely Mr. Florian Maurer presented the work done in 4STEPS T1 at a webinar for the CHIAN REACTIONS partners. 

The CHAIN REACTIONS partnership could learn about the development of the first Digital Innovation Hub in Voralberg. Florian Maurer (FH Voralberg) presented the 4STEPS project with its key movement, and his presentation also included details about key enabling technologies, and other interesting topics related to digitalisation and future technics. 

In the final part of the online webinar the consortium was free to ask questions about the DiH development and digital innovations


 4STEPS related webinar post on CHAIN website: