Digital Innovation in the Region - New Use Cases of the Digital Revolution in Industry and Business

<DIR /> Digital innovation in the region

4Steps project, represented by Mr. Florian Maurer, participated at the Digital Innovation in the Region (DIR; 25th Nov 2019) event. This event, hosted and organized by PP Vorarlberg University of Applied Science, aimed to increase collaboration and create new synergies among the stakeholders within the international area of the Lake of Constance. Under the roof of “New Cases from the Digital Revolution in Industry and Business”, experts from industry, business, academia and governance discussed emergent themes in following workshops: 

  • Blockchain and trust
  • Science as facilitator for SME’s and industry
  • Experiences and applied solutions for digital transformation 

Afterwards, keynote speaker Professor Arne Bathke presented his research about Data Science and raised the question about the borders of data: what can you predict on the basis of data and where do you need common sense? As lesson learned, you do not always need a deep knowledge of statistics to judge - often you should trust your own common sense. 

With the help of tailored print media (project roll-up, poster and handout), Mr. Maurer presented the 4Steps project progress and discussed the way of design and development of the Digital Innovation Hub Vorarlberg. Additionally, Mr. Maurer was able to integrate representatives into the ongoing survey about the questionnaire about the 4Steps Technology Maturity Level Index.