Ericsson's steps towards smart manufacturing in industry 4.0

Troubleshooting electronic boards with the use of augmented reality..?

Ericsson, the Swedish networking and telecommunications company has taken the first steps towards smart manufacturing at its production sites. This comes as a need for transitioning to Industry 4.0 that will depend on the successful adoption of many new technologies. They did that by making troubleshooting electronic boards easier with the use of augmented reality. Augmented reality troubleshooting or ART was designed as a tool for facilitating quick and easy learning as well as information sharing in the repair and maintenance area, with the main goal of removing the need for Word documents due to the high workload required to create, edit and update those documents. They claim that with the use of ART the troubleshooter can find the fault more quickly thanks to the extra layer of digital information that is added to the real-world image. This decries the time needed for solving problems resolving in faster sharing of data between production sites. Mihkel Tedremaa, Product Technology Manager, says that the just-in-time fault-finding data, combined with better ergonomics and faster information sharing, can boost productivity by 50 percent. Even though ART is not in full usage yet it's benefits can undeniably be seen. Particularly in the teaching process of new engineers about the products.

You can excess the full paper on Ericson- Troubleshooting made easier with augmented reality via

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