Future of Work: new organizational models and leadership styles in the post-emergency business context

10 June 2020
from 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

For decades, the advances in technology have changed the way people work and companies have gradually adapted. This time, due to a global emergency that produced a "forced innovation", we quickly entered into a process of job transformation. The Future of Work is a wave capable of overwhelming the various aspects of companies, leading them to rethink a new corporate culture, to dene new innovative processes, identify new organizational and management models (managerial and leadership) and new strategies and models of innovative business. In the midst of the era of digital transformation, traditional work models are proving to be scarcely agile and adaptable. Men already work, and will increasingly operate in the future, in integrated Man / Machine systems (intelligent process automation, robots, etc.) and at the same time in "digital teams" (smart worker) and "on-site business teams" modes. This will necessarily lead us to design new innovative horizons within the framework of the Smart Organization System.

The seminar will present some models to rethink the ways in which work is carried out: from a technological, cultural, organizational, managerial and leadership point of view.

There will be a presentation of concrete cases, methods and tools for measurement, analysis and application in the work contexts carried out within the Integrated Organizational and Technological Innovation Observatory.