International Symposium on Logistics - 2019

Würzburg, Germany
14th –17th July 2019

4Steps partner FHV pro-actively participated at this years 24th edition of the International Symposium on Logistics. This well-known conference was hosted in Würzburg/Germany. Representative of FHV, namely Mr. Florian Maurer, took this opportunity and presented FHV’s studies about digital innovation hubs. His presentation titled “Evolving towards a Smart Factory of the Future within supply chains: selected cases out of the Alpine Space and Central Europe” raised enormous attention at this community. Mr. Maurer was involved into several discussions with experts from academia and industry and were able to sustainably promote the 4Stepts project.

The abstract and full paper of Mr. Maurer’s presentation is accessible via Please click on this link and get in touch his research about smart factories of the future. 

Event report

4Steps Kick-off mrrting