RIS3 Forum

The development of research and innovation was discussed in Liberec. And we were there

We presented the 4STEPS project at the RIS3 Forum. The conference was organized by the Liberec Region and its aim was to motivate companies and other subjects to research and innovate.

Representatives of public and private institutions attended the RIS3 Forum conference on 18 September in the Regional Authority building. Their common interest lies in the benefits of innovation and its further development in the region. 

The conference was attended by speakers from various institutions and companies. They included representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Liberec Business Incubator Lipo.ink, and others. The aim of this event was to launch a discussion on the main needs and priorities for the development of research, development and innovation for the period 2021+ in the Liberec Region. 

The meeting was divided into several parts. We presented the 4STEPS project in the third part, which was devoted to good examples of innovation. The aim of the presentation was to introduce the project primarily to private institutions that we need to involve in mapping.

The project is at the beginning and, at the moment, we are mapping the needs of a total of 50 SMEs and their preparedness for Industry4.0. The survey will help us find out how businesses in the region are prepared to adapt to Industry 4.0 and in which areas they will implement this transformation. Companies taking part in the survey will be given the opportunity to participate in selected workshops on the development of digital and business skills.

4Steps Kick-off mrrting