Summit Industry 4.0 Austria

The annual conference of the Plattform Industrie 4.0 Austria takes place this year under the motto: "regional - together - successful".

On 12th of December 2019, 4Steps Partner Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FHV) organized the Austrian local focus groups event „Sensitization and Collaboration with the Local“. This event was organized in conjunction with the Austrian Industry 4.0 Summit in Linz, which again is one of the most important events in Austria related to Industry 4.0 and Digital Technologies. 

At a tailored booth, participants of the Austrian Industry 4.0 Summit were able to get in contact with the 4Steps project and to ask and discuss questions towards the project, its scope and FHV’s target: development of a digital innovation hub that support managers and employees to cope organizational digital transformation. Representatives of FHV, namely Mr. Florian Maurer and Mr. Martin Dobler, provided information towards the path of the Vorarlberg digital innovation hub. 

During the Austrian Industry 4.0 Summit, 4Steps project was able to meet representatives from the Central Europe ECOS4IN project. Together, Ms. Iris Reingruber, Mr. Zdenék Husek (Interreg Central Europe project ECOS4IN) and Mr. Maurer (4Steps) discussed ideas and strategies for increased project cooperation and collaboration as well as knowledge exchange and learning.  

Event report