Together we are stronger – new paths for innovation in the digital age

FHV 2nd workshop/interactive session on Digital Skills for All

The workshop/interactive session will be moderated by Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Metzler; key-note speaker is Dr. Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche and is about innovation in the digital age:

Innovation is a communal achievement. Its success depends on a broad range of contributions from different actors, such as designers, engineers, strategists, marketing experts, but also customers. Digital technologies offer many possibilities to support the collaboration of these actors in order to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. As a consequence, innovation management nowadays has to deal with a whole new set of tasks and responsibilities, far beyond the interaction with specific expert groups. Innovation managers create and maintain holistic ecosystems. They provide spaces – physical, digital and cyber-physical – where all relevant interest groups can participate in innovation activities. The presentation shows how such spaces can create a sustainable benefit, using different examples from academia and industry.

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