4UI network Burgenland-Eastern Styria will be promoted at 2 upcoming events

As a part of URBAN INNO project activities, 5 quadruple-helix urban innovation (4UI) networks were established in all 5 key target regions: Kielce (PL), Košice (SK), Rijeka (HR), Vas County (HU) and Burgenland-Eastern Styria (AT).

At the beginning of the year 2018 the Memorandum of Understanding (MuO) was signed by 3 key-players in the Burgenland-Eastern Styria region: Forschung Burgenland GmbH, TBH Ingenieur GmbH and ECOsmart GmbH. The MoU outlines 8 target areas in which the innovation network operates. The first step towards a successful network was a matchmaking event, where activities were defined and allocated to the already set target areas. The Vision of the Urban Innovation Network Burgenland / East Styria (AT) is to increase the research and innovation activities in the fields of renewable energy and climate protection by set up of an innovation network.

Now it is time to promote the Innovation Network Burgenland / Eastern Styria and aim to gather new members. The purpose to contact regional players and reinforce the existing members requires a variety of promotion events in the next months.

Burgenland-Eastern Styria 4UI network member ECOsmart GmbH, an engineering and consulting office in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, stages two events in autumn with the title: ‘Development and implementation of energy innovations and presentation of the Innovation Network Burgenland / East Styria.

Both will be hosted in Vorau at the Impulszentrum – first one on 17th, September and the second on 29th October 2018.

Main focus will be set to present the Network itself to a selected audience and to hopefully welcome new members afterwards. The audience consists of small and medium enterprises, individuals and different stakeholder groups with high interest in energy topics. With the help of ECOsmart and their commitment, we can use existing channels and cooperation with greater intensity in the area of East Styria.

More information: Impulszentrum Vorau, ECOsmart

4UI network Burgenland-Eastern Styria objectives

4UI network Burgenland-Eastern Styria objectives