A Sustainable Journey - Film trailers are online!

EUROPARC Federation and CEETO Interreg Central Europe present the trailers of the film "A Sustainable Journey" that aims to raise awareness among travellers and local communities on the importance of Sustainable Tourism. Full movie release on November 29th!

Among the efforts to promote sustainable tourism practices among travellers and local communities in Europe, CEETO project has given an extra step to reach larger audiences and, lead by EUROPARC Federation, has developed a specific film about it. This movie has been produced with the objective to inspire and inform about sustainable tourism, and brings from the hand of local producers and inhabitants of protected areas a live testimony of sustainable destinations present in Europe.

"A Sustainable Journey" presents the story of a traveller that seeks to escape the pressures of everyday life to a different kind of tourism that he believes will be good for nature and good for him too. In this nine minute film, the traveller meets local businesses, accommodation producers, who are connected to a protected area and they share why they are engaged in sustainable tourism, what is important to them, and why it is good for nature and the traveller too. Realising that he, through his choices can affect the local environment, culture and economy. He sees too that as a guest to this protected areas, that is too a place where people live and work, that they too respect and look after their special place. He finds that sustainable tourism is good for him and good for nature too and invites others to make a similar holiday choice.

A Sustainable Journey Film Trailer (English)

A Sustainable Journey Film Trailer (English version)

The premiere of "A Sustainable Journey" will be presented on November 29th at the European Parliament and, simultaneously on that day, in the different partner regions from Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia that integrate CEETO project. Find more information and watch the trailers and download promotional materials of the film in the deditaced A Sustainable Journey - The Film webpage.

Breathe, Relax and Explore the nature surrounding you through A Sustainable Journey. Follow up CEETO website for the full movie release on November 29th!