Within the frame of the task, the specific measurements of particle size distribution are conducted in two sites:  Racibórz (Poland) and Horní Suché (Czech republic). The knowledge of particles’ size distribution in air is very important due to the fact that deposition of aerosols in the respiratory tracts depends on their size. Investigation of such distribution has therefore great meaning for appropriate assessment of risk caused by hazardous pollutants that appear in environment both as a result of human activities like industry, emission from traffic, municipal emission due to house furnaces and natural phenomena. The measurements are performed with use of SMPS and APS spectrometers, enabling measurements in the range from 5nano meters to several micro meters. The goal of this measurements is to support model of transboundary pollution transfer and to verify the origin of pollution.

Preparation for measurements


One of our measuring stations was located on the roof of Frantisek shaft of closed coal mine. The equipment for size distribution measurements and isotopes concentration of the dust pollution collected on the filter were placed on the roof of the shaft at the height of about 86 m.