Overview of Past and Current Relevant EU-Funded Projects

The Research Institute ACCENDO has developed the overview of air quality projects that include a large amount of data and information to be used in the frame of the AIR TRITIA project implementation.

• AIR SILESIA (2010-2013) - Creation of the first joint regional information system on air quality in the Moravian-Silesian Czech-Polish region.

• AIR PROGRESS CZECHO-SLOVAKIA (2013-2014) - study aimed at investigating the causes of deteriorating air quality in the Czech-Slovak border of the Moravian-Silesian and Žilina regions.

• TAB (Take a Breath) project - aims at developing innovative approaches to air pollution in order to promote sustainable economic development and environmental protection of partner cities / regions (Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia).

• i-AIR REGION (2018-2020) - the objective of the project is to exchange experience of public administration, especially at regional level, in order to create regional legislative instruments to improve air quality (Czech Republic and Poland).

Overview is available here.