A 3-D numerical modelling for Stuttgart-Feuerbach

In order to properly select the monitoring wells for the efficient integral monitoring network, the development of a 3-D transient numerical flow and transport model has started. For the flow calculation, a finite difference software MODFLOW is used. The transport model will be calculated by MT3DMS. The horizontal discretisation of the model is 5 x 5 m locally in the area of depression, 10 x 10 m in the remaining working area and 50 x 50 m in the other areas. The numerical model has in total 17 hydraulically connected layers, which makes round 15 million model cells.

The calibration of the flow and transport is planned for July 2018. Horizontal and vertical hydraulic conductivities, leakage coefficients and remediation decrease of CHC release rates at the relevant contaminated sites are to be calibrated.

The numerical model will simulate CHC transport in groundwater from 2007 to 2017.