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Molecular Biological Tools - MBT

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Molecular Biological Tools (MBT) are analyses used to assess biodegradation at polluted sites. MBT can evaluate the capability of indigenous microbial consortia to degrade certain contaminants in situ. Moreover, MBT provide evidence about the progress of supported biological degradation or describe the impact of particular remediation methods on indigenous microorganisms over different remediation phases. We use routinely real-time PCR analyses to detect specific bacteria or functional genes from soil and water samples. In order to characterise the composition of the whole microbial consortia in polluted sites, we use next generation sequencing. These two approaches can be in certain cases combined for comprehensive characterization of the biodegradation potential and progress in groundwater. AMIIGA will develop and test MBT to support the planning and application of the most beneficial remediation strategies for groundwater pollution.