Finalized first phase of the Management Plans development!


Regional implementation groups for each of seven pilots were established. These groups consist of local & regional responsible authorities for groundwater and soil, as well as relevant stakeholders. Consequently, the responsible administrative bodies are duly involved in the preparation of the Management Plans and are fully in position to implement the developed strategies considering the provided adequate training and guidelines.
For each of seven pilots the framework & background of the Management Plan is compiled meaning that the first phase (out of three phases) has been finalized. As result, (i) existing local conditions are described, (ii) goals/targets to be achieved are defined, (iii) legal frameworks are compiled and (iv) FUAs are delineated. All these issues were discussed on RIG local meetings and on transnational workshops with project partners.
In total four trainings were organized with project partners, associated partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders in order to properly develop and implement Management Plans. The goal of the training sessions was to help the administration to act more effectively on the existing groundwater contamination problems.