H2O Water Resources Project Meeting, 14th– 16thJune 2018, Litija, Slovenia. Town Networking and Engaging Citizens for the Protection of Water Resources in Europe

In June 2018, a three-day meeting within the H2O Water Resources project took place in Litija (Slovenia), organized by the Association for Rural Development LAZ. At the event, work of the AMIIGA project was also presented. There were around 30 participants, mostly representatives of the partners of both projects, as well as the two mayors of the two participating cities – Litija (Slovenia) and Ruma (Serbia). The participants are mainly workers from municipalities or local communities. 

The AMIIGA project is focused on solving very specific and narrow-oriented problems related to the functioning of the natural system, while the H2O Water Resources project is based on networking of cities with the aim of finding good practices in the development of a city, settlement or landscape with regard to sustainable living, in particular with water resources. 

Through the presentation, the participants familiarized with the problems we are dealing with in the AMIIGA project in various regions and, in a little more detail, also in the case of the functional urban area of Ljubljana - Ig. Litija and Ljubljana are in this sense connected by the river Sava, which in both areas supplies an alluvial aquifer upstream and drains it downstream.

Participation in the meeting was a good experience, since the staff dealing with the management of cities, settlements and landscapes are experts in other fields as associates in the project AMIIGA. Among the two projects, this is a synergy, but in the field of presenting problems of water resources management from completely different aspects. Therefore, it is essential to prepare our presentations for the public in a way to be understandable also for those who are not familiar with the terms and concepts such as aquifer and similar hydrogeological expressions.